Monday, May 31, 2010

Pendants for the Kids

I took a fun little break this afternoon while both my kids were at school. While sipping coffee and listening to Susan Boyle, I created these little pendants. My daughter adores anything reptilian, especially lizards, and my son cannot get enough of frogs. I hand shaped them out of polymer clay and will set them on leather cord for the kids, although they will probably come off and be used as toys.
I've been trying to find my way with this new medium lately, and so far have been unable to come up with anything elegant enough for a piece of adult jewelry, so I decided to have some fun with it.
Now I'll get to present my kids with cute, little presents after school and I get to enjoy the benefits of having had a fun, creative, and really quite relaxing afternoon.


  1. They are cute as heck and I bet your kids will love them. Looks like kids pieces might be the way to go with the clay. The little frog looks the right size for a purse clasp and would look great on denim as a zipper pull :)

  2. Those guys are so cute! What a great way to practice a new medium.

  3. They're absolutely adorable!

    For someone who was saying she couldn't 'clay' I'd say they're pretty darn good :D


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