Thursday, May 13, 2010

Meet an Indie Designer

Who is the creator behind these two very different, and completely wonderful works of art? Hollie, but who in the world is Hollie? In a world where we are constantly bombarded with violent and negative images, Hollie has taken her place amongst the positive, the free spirited, the dreamers, the people who are going to turn this world into a better place. I 'ran' into Hollie when a teammate on Etsy told us about a blog and the mission to raise money and awareness for SOS - Save Our Seabirds. I was intrigued and went off to discover Mermaids Closet, a fun, uplifting and informative blog about saving ourselves and saving the world. I joined my teammate and Hollie in their mission to do their part for the wonderful seabirds by choosing 3 of my favorite items and offering 25% of their sales to the SOS foundation. Each time an item sells, I will replace it with a new choice. Hollie however, has offered 25% of any of her sales in either of her shops. To visit 'I'm From The Woods', click on the wonderful 'Knitter' illustration, and enjoy unique, beautiful art and decor from this talented young woman. The wonderful, big, black bow is just one of the unique items you'll find in Blueberryshoes, Hollie's second shop. Both shops are sure to raise your spirits, and put a smile on your face...Enjoy!!!


  1. Andrea, you've got great writing style! I love the blog entry and I love the face lift you've given it!

  2. wow, this is just precious and sweet. thank you SO much for your love, support and encouragement. both of you are close to my heart :) thank you for this adorable spotlight!


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