Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Mug Exchange Fall 2016

I had so much fun with the teacup exchange in the fall that I decided to indulge and join both the mug and teacup exchange this time.  I am so glad I did.  Thank-you to Stephanie at The Enchanting Rose for coordinating this event.  
Again, I enjoyed putting my two parcels together and sending them off, and then looking forward to a letter back, the old fashioned way.
Of course, getting the packages was so much fun too.  I couldn't wait to see what sort of treats had been sent my way.  Wendy from September Violets had my name and her package really made my day.  
I think we all know that I love pumpkins, so I may have sqeed a little when I opened the parcel to find this wonderful mug and apron.

But first, just look at all the wonderful details in the packaging.  Gifts in of themselves.

And here are the gifts.  Cookie cutters, (I love making sugar cookies), scented votives and they both smell wonderful, a sweet little scarecrow that had no trouble whatsoever finding a place in my home, pumpkin place card holders which are so cute and I can't wait to create an opportunity to use them. Last but not least, treats.  Tea and chocolate always make a delightful combination.  If you haven't tried dark chocolate with chai, you should get on that.

And...drum roll please...the gorgeous mug.  My new favourite.  You will find this little darling within an arms reach of me all winter long.  It will keep me daydreaming of next years pumpkin patch all through that cold weather.  Thank-you so very much Wendy. Your thoughtfulness and generosity are appreciated so very much.


  1. Perfect pumpkin mug and gifts for a pumpkin lover! It was nice to drop by and visit from the exchange.

  2. I always love seeing what everyone gets and gives... So much fun!!


  3. I'm so glad you liked everything Andrea ... you were so easy to shop for at this time of year. Pumpkins EVERYWHERE!!
    ps I really appreciate you changing the settings for non-google+ bloggers like me. Thanks ;)

  4. I agree with Judith, perfect pumpkin mug and gifts for the pumpkin lover {{smiles}} Wendy did a phenomenal job and I love how she incorporated your love for pumpkins into the package. What a blessing, my friend.

    I am so glad you decided to participate in both the mug and tea cup exchange. I am headed off to your other post to see the tea cup from Aunt Kelly :)

    Love and hugs to you!

  5. Wendy has done the most splendid job in the gifting of your gifts. I love all that she has given you; a package filled with treasures!

  6. What a lovely Autumn box of goodies and I love the cup!

  7. No wonder you were so excited....these are WONDERFUL gifts! That mug is really a stand out!

  8. I thought the goodies I received were almost too pretty to unwrap -- ! Wendy really sent a package meant just for you. Love all the pumpkin/fall items. Lucky You! Great cup that will fill you with tea and smiles. Have a lovely, tea filled week!

  9. That mug is so pretty! - Lots of great goodies too. The little scarecrow is so cute.

  10. Oh my, that is a GORGEOUS mug!!

    I love the photos you have taken of your wonderful new treasures!

  11. What a wonderful package. I'm loving the pumpkin theme. Wendy is the best!


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