Monday, November 14, 2016

Alexander Keith

For those who enjoy beer and find themselves in Halifax, a visit to the Alexander Keith's brewery is a must.  The tour was great, a little rushed, but so much fun.  Regrettably, I didn't get to finish my delicious beer.  Who can drink that fast???  Not me.  If I indulge in a beer, I savour it, and this beer was worth a lot of time.  

Not only was it available for a limited time, but it was hard to find.  We did not bring any home. So, it is a memory not to be relived.  But maybe someone will put out a comparable stout.  

We enjoyed a quick tour of the brewery, which was a beautiful place, and it smelled so good.  All that brick and copper left a person with a cozy feeling.

Some of the warm feeling came from the beer as well.  We enjoyed tasting 3 different beer.  Frankly, it was a lot for me.  I couldn't finish.  I could have used at least another 45 minutes.

Then we headed down to the basement where the cozy feeling grew.  I could have spent hours down there. 

Our musicians were so fun and they doubled as our bartenders.  After they served us, they came and sat with us for a few moments and had a nice, little chat.  It was such a welcoming place.  Even several hours probably would have felt rushed.  If you are ever in Halifax, treat yourself to a tour here, even if you don't like beer.  Our kidlets were with us and enjoyed iced tea and water along the way.  

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