Monday, January 4, 2016

Frank's Escape

The Christmas clean up didn't go as smoothly as it does every other year.  Frank put up a fight.  The look on his face when I said it was time to get packed up until next year, was one of pure confusion. I explained to him how seasonal decorations worked and he went on and on about how I could be so insensitive and prejudice over a bit of attire.

"If I hadn't been wearing a red and white striped toque with a sweet, little, matching bow tie, I'll bet you would easily consider keeping me out year round.   You are far too hung up on the color thing. Look around, your home could use a little pop of color; all beiges, browns and grays.  Someone might think you're depressed. I know I'll be depressed if you shove me in box for the nicest part of the year.  If I agree to stay in here, I'll never get to see the leaves, the green grass, feel the warmth from the sun. But go ahead, I'm obviously powerless to stop you.  If you're comfortable being a bully, then just go ahead and close that lid before I can climb out."

I asked him why he didn't feel the need to keep all the other Christmas decor company, and his reply was blunt.  "They just don't have it, do they?  Not one bit of gumption.  I have no idea what you did to them, but I'm going to do my best to not be your next victim!"

I assured him that I've always treated all of my decor with nothing but respect and always took good care of everyone.  "Frank, you are the first one who has not been able to accept who and what you are, and I have no idea where you get off talking to me like that!"

He wasn't listening.  He was busy working his way out of the Rubbermaid container and finding his way back to what he now thinks is very own perch.  I was going to tell him that I had other plans for that space now and in the future months, but he looked so happy and proud to be back there, I let it go.  I must be out of my mind.

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  1. Love this post. Thank you for the chuckles.

  2. Oh this is just too cute!

    and LivingFromHappiness

  3. Oh, come on Andrea...let Frank be and make him a new hat for summer! :-)

  4. I am SO glad to know that I am not the only daft person out there! Too too cute!! xx

  5. I'm on Franks side! He's too sweet to be boxed up & hidden from view! Such a cheery wee chap!
    Hope you are feeling better too!

  6. What a cute story and adorable photos to go with it! I say let Frank stay at least throughout the winter months!

  7. But Frank's attire is just PERFECT for Valentine's Day!!!!

    (I'm glad he got to stay out.)

  8. So cute! Hope Frank is a happy guy now! Happy New Year!

  9. That was lovely. I really enjoyed reading this. Happy New Year!

  10. Frank needs to be out all year long, just wait until summer and he will see how hot it is wearing all that winter apparel.

  11. I agree...he should get to stay out and bring joy all year round. (I keep a few pixies out all year! lol) I hope you are feeling much better now. I'm a bit under the weather now. I hope it's over soon. Happy New year! Hugs, Diane

  12. Oh Andrea, how you made me giggle this morning! I am so glad Frank got free...he is adorable! And I agree with Judith - he needs a hat for summer :)

    Happy hugs to you!

  13. How can you live without Frank ?
    Truly, you can make him a hat for the Spring and for the Summer, he's so cute, don't let him escape, please :) !

    Thank you for this funny post, have a most wonderful end of the week
    sending love to you

  14. Oh do let him stay out!!!! Oh please do!!!!

    As others have said, he is still perfect for Valentine's Day.

    And who knows, by then, he may have changed his mind. He might then be ready for a long nap. He might. He might. He might.

    And then, there will be no angst, on your part, or on his.




  15. cool, he seem to be a happy chap :)

  16. A lovely giggle post!! I know how he feels...I was so sad to pack up Christmas this year.


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