Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Harvest 2014

Harvest is currently at a standstill.  Cold and rainy weather have left farmers to take a much needed rest.  No, they really didn't want that rest yet, and it's difficult to relax completely when there are still crops in the field.  Short of being a poker player, I'm not sure there is an occupation that is a bigger gamble than farmer.  Mother Nature is a fickle creature.  Hopefully she turns off the taps soon, dries her eyes and allows us back into the fields to take off the rest of the oats and flax.
A beautiful sky shot!  The haze in the field is the dust from the
Normally, we would just drive the grain truck right to the combine, but the fields were too wet this year.
So we used the tractor and grain cart to empty the combine, then it was transferred to the truck, which
is then driven to the yard to unload, and then back to field.  Repeat.  Many, many times.
Unloading the grain is done as quickly as possible, then it's back to the field.  The goal is to never
keep the combine waiting to unload.
While Todd was unloading the grain truck, I had a few moments to wander the yard and take a few
snapshots.  I love this row of old buildings!
This was a photo of a nicely weathered, plain grey door.  I jazzed it up
in Photoshop.  I really enjoy Photoshop!
I'll end the post with an adorable photo of my wee sleeping kitten.  This little fellow plays hard, and
naps hard.  He has two modes, on and off.


  1. I love the picture of the buildings!! Something about them is so fascinating. Great farm photos, too. I hope the sogginess gives you a break!
    And you know I loved the kitten pic most of all :)

    1. I may be getting a little carried away with the kitten pics!

  2. Each picture is simply beautiful and unique - you did a lovely job capturing the moment. And your kitten - SO CUTE! :) Hugs and blessings!

  3. Here we've not had rain so the harvest went off fairly smoothly. I like those old building too and the door shot. Do you know what the buildings are used for. May I just say that kitten is so addorable.

    1. The buildings are mainly used for storage. Jars, old appliances, scraps of metal, and things like that. But one of them is an onion drying shed.
      That kitten is taking up so much of our time. We just sit and watch him, he's so much fun and ridiculously cute!

  4. Nice shots!! Migrant worker's cabins???
    Adorable kittie!!


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