Monday, October 20, 2014

Happy Halloween!

I have been enjoying travelling through blogland and seeing everything people are doing in their homes to celebrate the fall and Halloween season.  And I thought it was high time I shared what I've been up to.  I can't say I'm finished, and if I do anything else that's exciting, I will do another post.

Minus the spiders, I've had that whole get-up on my door for
a long time.

A spooky old tree for a spooky old crow.

There may be a few Harry Potter fans in the house...

This duo is sitting in what is meant to be a Christmas decoration, but seeing as how
we usually have snow here by October 31st, I thought, "Why not?".

I like doing things other than jack o' lantern faces on my pumpkins.  Although, there are also
a lot of faces scattered around.

I found that handsome black cat sculpture at flea market for $3!!!

When I put this rat on the counter, the lady at the till jumped away backwards.  Then she giggled at herself, and said,
"It looks so real.".  She really didn't want to touch it and was happy when I said I didn't need a bag.  I love this
cute poem, and because you can't quite read it all, it says, "There was an old Witch who lived in a shoe with Black
cats and goblins and things that go Boo!"

Just a couple of subtle changes in this little corner of the house.

My everyday desk is transformed for a couple of weeks.  I may
do something similar for Christmas this year.  Maybe I'll
leave out the eyeballs in December.

A close-up of my favourite couple.  I was going to purchase these as tin signs from the Victorian Trading Co.,
but I saw these empty frames, and thought, hmmmm, I wonder if they would be the right size?  And they were,
so I just cut them out them out and Voila!!!  I love them!  I may still get the signs...


  1. Love your decorations, very festive.

  2. Wow, really cool! For some reason, I rarely decorate for Halloween. Just lazy, I guess :)

    I really love your desk, that is really something. And I also really like that metal black cat. I would have that out any ol' time of the year, though, which I'm guessing you do, too.

    1. Yep, that black cat will be out all year round for sure. He is so charming!

  3. Omgosh-- love the spiders!! So perfectly creepy!! I bet your children love your decorations:)

    Thank you always for your kind words-- your love and support always.

    1. The kids absolutely love when we decorate for Halloween. They always say it's even better than Christmas, although they love that too! Thank you so much for visiting me here at 'home'.

  4. What a great job you did decorating for Halloween :-) You've got a good eye for detail!

  5. Hi Andrea--you are an amazing decorator! Love you old metal cat, all your owls (is that a stone one in the corner?), and your framed butterflies (gorgeous!). I love your new header (maybe not so new? so sorry I've not visited in a while--).
    Hope you have a great day,


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