Monday, January 14, 2013

Gingerbread Monsters

This is what I got when I asked my dear husband to help me decorate the Christmas cookies.  I knew something was up when he started giggling.  Then he showed me this guy, the angry snowman.  Who knows why he's angry?  I think it all started with his lack of talent when it comes to creating something cute.
I knew he had come up with something worse when he moved from giggling to laughing outloud.  And here is our angry snowman's victim.  How do you like the black eye and bloody stump where his arm once was?
Needless to say, neither of these cookies made it to the trays of goodies I put out for friends and family.  And although our kids were pretty much in shock that their Dad could defile an innocent gingerbread cookie, they were doubled over with laughter.
I wonder what Dad would have said if it had been one of his children who created this monster and its victim?

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  1. Andrea! I didn't know you blogged! Love the angry snowmen! You can find me over at


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