Friday, January 18, 2013

Dreaming of Summer

I know I am supposed to be practicing living in the moment, and not constantly looking forward (or back), for what promises to be a better moment.  But, (I know, there is always a 'but') as I was walking around my yard this morning, I was remembering all the flowers that were in full bloom less than 5 months ago.  I was also planning where I will be putting new plants and making new beds.  Now is the time to be ordering seeds and evening thinking about starting a few, so I'm not completely out to lunch in my daydreamings.
These lilies are planted at the start of our driveway, in a bed surrounding a large rock.  I made this bed larger this past year, but it still seems dwarfed in comparison with the rest of the yard, so we have plans of making it even bigger this Spring.  Perhaps adding a few shrubs and maybe even more lilies.  My husband and I both love lilies, and had a nice, little collection started in our garden back in Cold Lake.  But now we have room for far more, and more space means we can try more varieties without the risk of cross-pollination.
I have big dreams of creating huge rock beds in the yard.  Lots of different gardens with varying themes.  My husband loves a Japanese style garden, while I tend to lean towards an English flavor.  Two extremely different styles that if planned carefully, could definitey co-exist in the same yard.
I didn't get into the fields in the fall before the snow to collect the amount of rocks I wanted to work with in the early Spring.  But hopefully, I can get in there before they seed the fields, so we see some major transformations this year. 
Living in the moment right now, means taking advantage of the cold weather time to just dream and plan.  Nothing can exist without their first being thought about it.


  1. Found your blog thru GROB and have had a great time browsing through some of your posts. I host a linky party every week called Table Top Tuesday. It's where we showcase all of our vignettes and displays that we create all over the house and on any surface we can find to put all our "stuff". Your fall decor vignettes would be a perfect fit for this party. Hope you will join, we get lots of traffic and a great place to meet new people and get new followers. Hugs, Marty

  2. Thank-you for the invite Marty! Table top Tuesday sounds like a lot of fun. I'll be looking forward to it.
    And thanks for dropping by!


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