Saturday, January 19, 2013

Cakes of 2012

The first cake of the year was done for my darling husband's 38th.  Everyone in our household loves the Smurfs, so it was an easy choice.  Papa seemed like the most obvious choice seeing as how the cake was for 'Daddy'.  And no other Smurf says "Birthday Party!", like Jokey.

The next cake came in July for my sister-in-laws birthday.  We always have a summer BBQ for her, and the kids thought that I should do an owl for her.  They knew I would agree, because I have a bit of an obsession with owls, and my collection keeps growing.  Maybe a post on that later.

The next one came a short month later for my now 7 year old son.  He loves Star Wars.  I completely adore R2-D2, so there was no question.  The other side of the cake says "May the Force be with You", of course, and this was my favorite cake of the year.
My daughter is obsessed with wolves, once again making the theme of her party obvious.  This cake was difficult for me.  On a cake this small (8 inch round), options are limited for detail.  Maybe it was the colors I chose that hit the detail of this tattoo style design, but it didn't quite 'pop' the way I was hoping.  But, my daughter loved it, and in the end, that's all that matters.
This was the big cake of the year, and the only one I was hired to do.  It was for the Grade 8 graduation in our hometown.  It was a lot of cake, and weighed a ton.  Our graduates loved it, and no one wanted to cut into it, so I had to do it.
There were a few others as well, but these were my top 5.  I wonder what I'll create this year?

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