Monday, September 10, 2012

Set the Mood

Somewhere between harvesting and processing the last of the corn off the garden, and cooking a chicken dinner for supper, I managed to put out my fall decorations.
The pussy willows in the tall, green tin have been there since early spring, but I just love them too much to throw them out, so I just added a few fall picks to the arrangement, and Voila!  I think it works quite nicely.
The black, primitive kitty is new this year.  I fell in love with him and I know I won't be packing him away at the end of the season. 
I also changed the picture in the scrapbooking frame.  It's of Halloween 5 years ago, so the kids are just cute as buttons, and it makes me smile and shake my head at the same time.  How the time is flying!
That handsome owl was originally bought to be an outdoor ornament, but I set him there in the early spring, and there he stayed.

This antique wash stand is always a breeze to decorate, and it is probably my favourite thing to change up throughout the seasons.  All I did this year was put down a cute pumpkin placemat, add a candle and this really neat twine holder (complete with a pair of scissors)  I found recently.  On the floor is another antique, a crock pot that I filled full of chrysanthemums.  I love the way it turned out.

Another easy piece to decorate for the Autumn season, is this antique replica desk from the 70's.  A little colour on the floor lamp, and in the background vase.  A few rustic grapevine pumpkins and it looks all put together.  Now it will be so much more enjoyable to bake more of those fall cookies, and cook those wholesome, warm meals.  When the kids came from school, they explored every little thing I had put out, and my little 7 year old guy said, "Mommy, we have such a beautiful home."  And right there, it was all worth it.

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