Saturday, September 29, 2012

Headed Home

A view of our home from the 'backyard' - Sept. 2011
It seems like moments ago I was journalling about how much I was looking forward to our road trip, and now we're on our way home. Sometimes I wonder if it was ever worth leaving home at all. Thinking back over the last couple of days, the scenery, our first real road trip with our children, feeling nostalgic because this how we started our marriage, (roadtrips), it wasn't only worth it, it was necessary. Giving the kids the experince of travel is a source of education you just cannot replicate in the classroom. Enjoying my husband's company without all the demands of work and home has been so refreshing. Giving myself a different perspective, and taking a break from the everyday routine of being a housewife has been very nourishing. My own bed, my creative space, my pets and time to myself are all good reasons to go home and get resettled. Not to mention all the wonderful photos I now have of the Jasper scenery and of my family with gorgeous backdrops and beautiful, big smiles. This scrapbook is going to be fun to do.

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  1. As a teacher, I am the first to endorse the benefits of travel! I'm glad you got away with the kids. Not only is it nice going away, rejuvenating and refreshing... but coming back also makes me more appreciative of this place I get to call home!

    Hope you enjoyed it!

    Take Care!


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