Wednesday, September 26, 2012


When you look around, what do you see?  Things as they are?  Or things as they could be?  If you would like to see change, do you think of ways you could do it yourself, or do you hope someone else will do it eventually?  Does uncertainty keep you from starting?  And if so, how does that make you feel?  Can you recall a time when you were not sure where to start, but started anyway, and eventually found yourself very impressed with the results?  Do we need to know the outcome before we start something?  If we constantly let fear stop us where we stand, can we live happily in stagnation?  What scares us anyway?  The fear of rejection, or worse, perhaps no reaction at all from our fellow creators?  Do we need constant reassurance from the people in our lives in order to go ahead with things?  If that is the case, won't it become nearly impossible to get out of bed in the morning?  When we do accomplish something and receive positive feedback, is it then finished?  Does this lead you to happiness?  Or just searching for the next big thing? 
 Imagination is to blame for it all.  We imagine there is something scary out there to stop us or hurt us.  We imagine we are not strong or smart enough to do things by ourself.  We imagine there is something we have to do in order to be satisfied.  We let our imaginations run away with us, leaving our body helpess while it indulges  itself in all kinds of fantasies.  When we are not busy blaming our imagination, we are giving it credit for all the wonderful ideas it comes up with.  There are countless ways in which to both love and hate our imaginations.  As much as we are gifted, so we are cursed. 
Spending too much time in our imaginations is dangerous and unhealthy.  We have to remember to pull out every now and again and allow ourselves to experience life as it is without allowing input from that (very loud) voice in our head.  
Never forget that your imagination is responsible for everything in your life.  From the beautiful piece of work you still feel so proud of, to that so called ugly body you carry around with you.  Even when it seems to be doing wonderful things don't put too much weight into it, or you risk going quite crazy.  Take it from one who is constantly accused of having a fabulous imagination.

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