Thursday, September 27, 2012

An Autumn Adventure

As we are leaving Edson, AB. this afternoon on our way to Jasper, the landscape takes on a different look and my little guy says, "Wow, I can see mountains! I have an awesome feeling.". I do love the honesty of young children. Before they learn to stop and think if what they are about to say is cool or not. Not that this is always a good thing. There are many situations we have been in where my child's honesty was not appreciated. But I digress. We have taken the children out of school for half the week in order to enjoy the fall weather. Why go camping in the much cooler weather you ask? Well for one thing, the campfire is that much more practical and enjoyable. The stars come out far earlier and are way brighter this time of year. And of course, nothing beats Mother Nature's autumn display, making the drive a "nothing but a good feeling" time. We left Theodore yesterday, and drove to Lloydminster, where we set up our tent trailer at a friends place and then enjoyed our first campfire of the trip. We will stop there again on our way back, and I hope the sky is as clear as it was last night, because I believe the moon should be full by then. It has been so big and bright lately. It is so nice to have good friends to visit along the way. The kids are getting very excited as they have never been to the mountains before. Well, actually my oldest was only 9 months old the last time we visited, but she has no memory of it. We took the camper my dear Husband built, got lots of interesting looks from fellow travelers and almost suffocated overnight. But that is a whole other story. We are in the foothills now, and the kids have put their headphones and games away, trading up for the unusual, spectacular views. Their excitement reminds me of the first time I traveled here and reveled in the feelings that such fabulous scenery gives. Then, it was my Husbands turn to give me the gift of travel. Now we share in giving it to our children, and I'm reminded of a quote I recently read - "The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page." St. Augustine

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