Saturday, April 21, 2012

I Can Actually Fly!

The kids have built their dragon nests in the bales, and are now playing out there every chance they get.  The game involves touring around the 10 acres and looking for a specific grass and other oddities to add to their homes.  It takes up entire afternoons.
Here is Kaitlynn during one of her take-offs. I'm not entirely certain that one of these times she won't actually take off. After all, they say if you believe in yourself enough, anything is possible.

Here is Jared launching himself off the bale and landing so hard it makes my feet hurt! It doesn't faze him though and he keeps doing it over and over again.

"Mommy, take more pictures of me in flight!" So I just set the camera to snap multiple images and away they flew! We got several great action shots, a few of the best included here.

Here is Jared with "actual wings" he fashioned from his sweater. I still can't believe how fearless my children are. They think nothing of throwing themselves off a 5 foot high bale.

Watching them is a lot fun.  I'm taken back to when I was that age, and the world around me became anything I wanted it to be.  I also remember being called in for supper, and gulping down my food as fast as I could so that I could get back out to that world.

For myself as an adult, I get close to that same excitement when I'm gardening, creating new spaces outdoors.  Most of my ideas are still in the imagination stage, so I guess it isn't so different from childhood.

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