Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Funny Story

The kids, Bear and I were out playing on the bales last night (again),  when Kaitlynn announced loudly that she had to go to the bathroom, but didn't think she would make it to the house.  She ran off behind some tall grass, but I could still see enough to realize she was taking off everything from the waist down, including her boots. 

Jared was sitting next to me, and I said, "I need to teach that farm girl a thing or two about emergency 'field trips'".  Bear decided to join Kaitlynn out of curiousity, and I tried to call him back, without success.  After a moment, Kaitlynn starts yelling at Bear, and is starting to sound quite frantic.  I asked her if she needed some help, and she literally screamed "YES!". 

So off I went, telling Jared to stay on the bales in hopes of saving what little dignity my daughter had left.  There was quite a surprise.  Kaitlynn's little 'field trip' turned out to be quite the episode.  'Number 1' turned into an explosive 'number 2'.  And Bear, in all his curiousity, had gotten underneath her! 

So now, I had a messy little girl, and a messy pup.  Kaitlynn takes a lot of pride in herself and this was something definitley 'beneath' her.  Becoming increasingly upset as she redressed to walk back to the house to get cleaned up, I had to think of a way to calm her down.  I'm trying very hard at this point not to let loose the laughter that is building. 

So I said,  "Now, lets think about what just happened here.  You decided to go pee in the field.  It ended up being explosive diarrhea.  Bear gets too close, and you shit on his head?" 

Now I never curse in front of my children, even though I realize they know every curse in the book from their playground relationships.  So I knew this would work in cheering her up.  She found it so funny, her big sobs quickly turned into an uncontrollable laugh, and between gasping for breath and laughing, she said, "Yes Mommy, and he ATE it!!!". 

We laughed our way back to the house where I cleaned up both girl and dog.  Kaitlynn's tummy ache subsided and the evening went on as normal.  I asked if I should scrapbook about it, and she said "Definitely, and blog about it too.".  So, this post is with her permission. 

Moral of the story?  Always try to find the humorous side in an otherwise emabarrassing situation.  My favourite personalities are the ones that can laugh at themselves.


  1. This is what happens when human calling of nature and animal collide. My brother once went "number 2" outside because he just couldn't be bothered to make the trip to the bathroom from our backyard and our dog rolled in it.

  2. That was so funny... then it brought tears to my eyes... (because) I can sense the overwhelming love you have for your daughter. Your a good mother :-)
    big hugs~

  3. What a pleasant surprise to find your blog Andrea!! I am so excited to sit down with my tea here and read it!!
    There is something about teaching kids to be able to laugh when there is nothing else you can do... and like you said, being able to laugh at yourself is a noble disposition!


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