Sunday, April 1, 2012

Flying Kites

My husband likes to surprise people.  So when my daughter found the kites hidden for her and her brother, there were 3 very disappointed people.  My husband, because his big reveal was ruined, and my two little ones because Dad wasn't ready to give the kites to them yet.  The next couple of days, I had a son who went on with life like it was no big deal.  As long as he has his bicycle and a puddle, he's happy.   And I had my little girl trying to find things to do to impress her Dad to the point of giving in on the kites.  This past Saturday morning, that Dad took the kites and quietly went to his shop to start assembly.  My son, being curious as a kitten followed shortly after and came running back to the house after about 5 seconds outdoors, yelling at the top of his lungs that Dad was putting their kites together.    After another 5 seconds had passed, they were both outside, under Dad's feet, eagerly awaiting their kites.  Kaitlynn received a dragon, which couldn't be more perfect.  And Jared a fighter jet, which he couldn't wait to see how it looked up against the blue sky.  The dragon was up and flying in no time, but the jet is a bit of a heavier piece and we had a hard time keeping it up  there.  But that didn't seem to matter.  He loved running around and looking up at Kaitlynn's dragon, and she even let him fly it for a bit (after a bit of motherly persuasion).  Today, Sunday, brought some much stronger (and colder) winds.  Both the kites were up and flying right after breakfast.  But the force was a bit too strong for either of them to handle, and as such, we spent more time untangling the string from the fence then we did flying the kite.  At least we didn't lose the kites to the wind.  They are both here to fly another day and capture the imaginations of all who see them soaring through the sky.


  1. That is an awesome looking kite! I've flown kits a few times down the shore where the winds are always kicking, and it's such a small thing but so much fun!

  2. Mymymy. That dragon kite is LOVELY.

  3. Hi sweet Andrea- what a precious wonderful story. There is such a joyous childlike pleasure in flying kites! What a wondrous adventure for your children. I hope they have lots more opportunities this summer to fly their kites!

  4. What a beautiful picture Andrea - there is something about flying kites that is so magical, and there are lessons to be learnt in untangling the strings too! Flying kites is one of the great memories I have as a child with my Dad.


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