Monday, April 9, 2012

Another Kitten To Love

My house is turning into a zoo.  I will soon be able to charge money to anyone entering my home.  A gecko, several cats, a puppy, a fish, and who knows what will show up next.

This little orange guy is Georgie's (the kitten he's hugging) big brother.  It took quite awhile to gain his trust, but he is now the friendliest cat in the house, and he does not show a desire to go outdoors, although that is where he was raised.  His momma is still around, but we rarely see her now that our new puppy has taken over the deck.  But she is showing up at her cat house everyday for food and was chased under the truck today by that puppy who has yet to learn what kitty claws can do.

These kittens are a fun pair, going at it like gladiators one minute, and then curling up into a tight ball the next.  Their personalities are like night and day.  Georgie, the female, being far more uptight, aloof and chosey about when and how she will be handled.  Crush is far more relaxed, much like the turtles in 'Finding Nemo', with a very 'life is cool' attitude. 

Junior, my going on 19 year old male is slowing down, and interacting less and less with the kittens all the time.  He is healthy though and still shows up for regular meals, and lets you know if you are at all late with his food.  Junior still loves to snuggle and although he's def, he knows when someone has settled onto the couch, and he quickly lays claim to their lap.

The benefits far outway the drawbacks when it comes to owning pets.  They are a lot of work and they tie us down.  But I would never trade the everyday joy they bring for anything.

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  1. Oh you are such a sweetie-- you love kitties as much as we do! This is such an adorable picture-- we have kitties that look almost like yours. Ours cuddle together like this too. We love our kitties like babies--

    Good for you for being so loving--



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