Sunday, September 25, 2011

View From My Swing

Serveral years ago, I received a garden swing for Mother's Day.  It has been one of my favourite features in the yard ever since.
In our Cold Lake yard, it moved around constantly, but out here, I put it under a maple in the northeast corner, and it must be the perfect spot, for it hasn't moved in 3 months.   
The canopy, weakened by the sun and damaged by the wind, is better left off anyway.   It is very natural to just lay back and look upward into the branches of this beautiful, old maple.
My kids, especially my son, love the swing.  He loves to lay it out flat and lie down on his tummy with his nose aimed toward the ground.  He then swings himself while watching the ground move back and forth, back and forth, for what seems an impossible amount of time.  It must be very hypnotizing, because he is always in a very relaxed state after he has treated himself with a bit of motion from the swing. 
I might move myself back and forth a little, the equivalent of being on a rocking chair.  But to be honest, I get motion sickness easily, so doing what he does would just make me feel ill.
Usually there is an argument as to who gets to sit beside Mama on the swing.  So I will move from my favourite corner to the middle so that each child has a side to lean on.  This is an absolutely awesome way to pass an hour.


  1. Nice view too ! The slideshow is a gadget that I just point to my Flickr photostream. I think it works with any photo sharing site but I only use Flickr so that is the one I know. Do you have a photo sharing account somewhere?

  2. Hey girlie :-)
    You have a ( on your email--- so I'm "emailing" you here! Ohmygoodness, are you SURE you want to go to Pinterst, its a time sucker!!! lol I need your email address to invite you to join, or you could just log on yourself and then wait a few days to get "the invite".

    You can put a "pin it" button on your toolbar, which they provide, then you just browse the internet and click on "pin it" when you see something you want to read or check out later. The photo will give you a link to the site where you found it. Seriously, its fabulous! You also make different boards--- kinda like bulletin boards so you can keep things organized, recipes, crafts...etc. I mostly have been pinning things other people have pinned already. That right there has kept me online for hours and hours LOL I'm going to have to set a time limit..... you know you've spent way to much time online when you go to get up and realize your butt hurts lol

  3. Andrea, Picasa should work. Did you get an error message or anything or did it just not work? If you want to email me at I will see if I can help you get it working this weekend.

  4. Oh Andrea- what a wonderful story. There is nothing like a porch swing in summer-- it's the best. I don't think there is a better way to enjoy the summer. Love that you have a wonderful view--

    Hope you are enjoying this glorious fall--


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