Friday, September 23, 2011

View From The Front Yard

The majority of our yard spans in front of the house, south, and to the west.  We have a lot of trees, most of which are very young.  The ones you are seeing in the foreground are Giant Leaf Poplar, (whose leaves sound like rain), and Lilac.   I'm not sure what the variety is, but they bloom a light pink.  There are also Green Ash, Willow, Larch and some little Spruce trees, all planted in neat rows to eventually shelter the yard from the main grid.  In the background, the trees are mature and with exception of the large spruce to the east of the house, are growing in the wild.  There are mostly maples, poplar, and warrior caragana.  But there are some wild roses, chokecherry and saskatoon bushes as well.  So far, it looks as though everyone has yellow folliage for the season.  I would really like to see more reds, so I'm going to find a way to work in some different specimens to break it up a bit.  There are cherry trees in the garden, but I have yet to find out what colour they will turn.  Their leaves are still a deep, shiny green.
So far, we are having a lot of fun planning and dreaming up ideas for our newfound space.  We are currently working on a garden shed, which well be completed when my Husband gets home next week.  I love outbuildings and the character they add to a yard.  This particular building is just the start of a large garden plan/idea/dream I have going in my head.  It is a lot of fun seeing it come to reality!


  1. Space and garden dreams are my favourite things! It looks like your yard is going to be very private and I love the raining sound of the poplar in our yard too. Windy days are nice on the back deck to sit and listen. If your Saskatoons are the wild variety, they will turn yellow to yellow-pink to light red so you should have red coming yet :)

  2. Oh, and if the cherry are Nanking, they won't change from that deep, shiny green. They have no other fall colour.

  3. Hi Danielle,
    They are not Nanking, but they look closely related. Darn...I was hoping for a bit of orange or red from them.


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