Saturday, September 10, 2011

Learning To Ride

There is nothing like a wide open space to encourage kids to play outside. My kids have always loved the outdoors, but since we've moved out here, they've at least tripled their time outdoors. Between the snake nest, the salamander crossing and the froggy patch, they are always on some sort of adventure, exploring and collecting. Not long after we moved in, we added bicycling to our repertoire of things to do outdoors. Within minutes Jared was off his training wheels, and my daughter wasn't far behind. Now we all ride together. Our favourite road runs just east of our place. It is quiet and there is a large water feature about a mile down where we love to watch the ducks swim and flap around. It is still very green here, but soon will be my favourite time of year to be outdoors. Once the colours start to change and the leaves start to cover the road and once I need a sweater to be comfortable outside and it gets dark early enough to enjoy the stars again. That is my favourite time of year, and I hope it lasts the next 2 months with no snow until the middle of November. Until then we'll keep riding, a little further each time, exploring a bit further, getting those little legs strong enough so that one day we can ride all the way to Grandma and Grandpa's house, a good 6 miles away. Well, that might not be for a couple of years yet, but for now, we'll enjoy all the little roads around here.

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