Monday, April 26, 2010

A Whimsical Wire Bracelet

I've only just started this new craft, and already it has led me to places I never intended. What began as just a bit of fun, has, in just a few short weeks, turned into a small business. With an online shop at Etsy, several pieces in a boutique here in town, and another request for my jewelry in a nearby town, I'm almost overwhelmed, very excited, but definitely feeling some pressure.
I'm starting this blog with the intention to tell people a bit more about where this jewelry is coming from. Not just what it is made from and its dimensions, but also the inspiration behind the pieces and the journey that some of these beads and stones have had.
This bracelet for instance, started with me sitting down with a pair of pliers and some wire, not having any end result in mind. I just started twisting and turning the wire, and when I had a design that I liked, I created more and made enough links to create a bracelet. Then I searched through my stash of beads and broken jewelry to see if I had anything on hand that would add to the piece. I came up with these little green, glass beauties. These are vintage beads that were found among other treasures in an old warehouse, supplies that were intended for jewelry, but instead ended up packed up and stacked in a corner to collect dust.
It will be fun to see where this new hobby will lead, and how this blog will develop, evolve and change. In my experience, my original ideas rarely end up where I imagined them to go in the first place.


  1. interesting story of the travels and life of a bracelet

  2. Gorgeous! This is my fav. piece from your etsy store! Totally something I could see myself wearing.
    Congrats on the new blog!

  3. Lovely stories and well written and I will return the butterfly necklace someday but not promising how soon. cheers


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