Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Wonderful Surprise

This beautiful leaf brooch came to me after a very lucky bid on Ebay. It was listed simply as 'Silver Leaf Brooch'. Once received, I closely inspected my new treasure, and what a treasure it turned out to be! It is signed Corocraft, and as with all items with that signature, it is beautifully made. The photos of this item do it no justice, it really must be held to be appreciated. I do not wear brooches very often, and if I do, they are small ones. I find that the clothes I wear are made out of materials that simply won't hold up to a brooch of this weight. So, I decided the brooch would become a pendant, and because it was in such beautiful condition, I could not alter it. Instead, I came up with a small, wire mechanism that just slips over the pin of the brooch...and Voila!...pendant. The necklace to showcase this piece had to be special. I had these beautiful vintage crystals that were on a very corroded chain, and when removed and relinked onto non-tarnish silver, they regained all their former beauty and then some. I made it long enough to create a double strand when worn, so that the leaf is completed framed with the crystals. This is one of those pieces that if it does not sell, a part of me will be quite relieved, and if it does, well, then I guess I'll have to go on the hunt again, for another beautiful treasure from our jewelry history.

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