Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Vintage Delight

This adorable necklace was created as a result of several lucky finds. The first, of course, is that beautiful butterfly brooch. It is a 'Crown Trifari' piece , circa 1960, and a collector's item. Again, I decided to give it new life as a pendant. The necklace was created from beads that my Husband and his siblings played with 30 years ago. When my Mother-in-law heard that I was creating jewelry, and that I was looking to recycle older pieces, she went to the back of her closet and came back with an old, tin treasure chest. Over the next hour or so, we went through it and the family reminisced over the pieces they remembered. In the mix was a broken necklace with these delicious, green beads. The white milk glass beads are from another broken piece. Everything came together with lovely brass links, and the first person I showed it to, a dear friend of mine, bought it, and without hesitation. If it wasn't someone I held in such high esteem, I would not have sold it. Even now, I am having some regrets, being a bit of a vintage collector myself, with Trifari as my favorite pieces. So, now I am on the hunt to replace this beautiful brooch with a similar piece, even though my friend promised to return it to me when she tires of it, and that may take several years.


  1. Love the story of where the makings originated.

  2. I would think it would be hard to give up something with so much meaning! It's gorgeous!

  3. I can hardly wait to get my necklace and start wearing it. I almost feel guilty to buying it and I will give it back someday but no promises as to how soon. Cheers


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