Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Butterfly Garden

I have a pile of jewelry, and when I say a pile, I mean, I could fill a small dresser. Most of it is quite old...30 years or more. A lot of it is broken, but still has some very nice, reusable parts. Some of it is in great condition, but has lost its sense of style. I have bought quite a bit of it from second-hand stores, garage sales, and such. But recently, friends and family have just been giving me their old jewelry, glad to not have to just throw it away. So, when I decide to create a piece from all the old stuff, I have my work cut out for me. I drag out a whole bunch of different pieces, see what compliments what...and then I start taking things apart and refashioning.
This lovely butterfly, was on a once gold-plated chain, a very plain, and small chain. I found her in a thrift shop in Regina, SK. She was in much better condition than the chain, and needed something new to showcase her loveliness. The silver ball with swirl links matched in their whimsy to the butterfly, and they also came out of an old chain. The 3 gold balls dangling beneath the butterfly, were also off a small chain that had seen better days, and they complimented the gold-tone on the butterfly just perfectly.
There you have it, a new piece fashioned out of 3 old ones, and all it took were some generous friends, a bit of thought, and some fine pliers.


  1. I absolutely ADORE that necklace.....

  2. Thanks for your comment on my blog, Andrea. Drop back in the fall for all the dahlia photos ! Yes, I am enjoying blogging but it is still new and new things are always fun. Mine is just a personal blog to keep friends updated so I hope it will stay fun and not become 'work'. I notice you picked up a piece of this in Regina. I live very close to Regina so it was fun to see. You are making some beautiful things here!


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