Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Cheer Up, I Brought You Flowers

I have to admit that I have been a wee bit down lately.  Not terrible, just sort of blah. I know it will pass soon and that it probably has something do with the weather which is hovering somewhere between Winter and Spring. I am so eager to get into my gardens, and in a couple of weeks, I will be starting some seeds, so that will definitely lift my spirits. In the meantime, my wonderful husband has helped by bringing home some cheerful blooms.
Now, I doubt you will believe me when I tell you this, but I've had these hydrangea since March 6. They were given to me for free because the florist said they had already been in her shop for a week. So they are over a month old, and they still look fantastic. I figure they must sense my mood and want to stick around to help.  After all, they are my favourite flower in the entire world.
The tulips are such a beautiful color, and Spring is always just around the corner when we see tulips in the stores. Also a sure sign of a change in season are the geese.  They've been returning for about a week now.  I've also spotted a few crows.
These spider mums are white but have been painted a lovely shade of peach.  I've been seeing more and more painted flowers in the stores. Sometimes they're dyed too.  I'm typically not a big fan of the dyeing and painting as they often use gaudy colors, but this peach is alright.
I hope everyone is enjoying a good start to the last week of March. 


  1. Beautiful flowers! Your husband knew JUST what you needed!

  2. I'm sure that Spring will definitely help your spirits, when it begins it's often quite hard for me too, I feel tired and listless, but in a few days I recover myself :)

    Wishing you too a lovely week
    with sincere thankfulness,
    take care, Dearie

    XOXO Dany

  3. So sweet of your hubby and the hydrangea is still gorgeous!
    Hurry up Spring!

  4. Oh so beautiful...love the color of those mums!

  5. Oh, I do hope you feel better soon. Hopefully spring and the warm sunshine will help, too. Your flowers are absolutely beautiful. Take care dear friend, Pat xx

  6. I hear you on the weather thing causing the "blahs" - It's been so rainy here all month long and what little sunshine we've had really is a "teaser" of what's to come. I love that shade of peach on the spider mums.

  7. Hello Andrea! Your flowers all look beautiful. It is wonderful the hydrangea has lasted so long. I hope you feel better soon, some warm sunny days might help. Have a happy weekend!

  8. Hi Andrea, I've been meaning to get over to your blog. The flowers are wonderful, it's amazing how long your hydrangeas have lasted. I hope your spirits lift soon. I've been struggling myself and have felt a little better the last few days. Maybe with spring in the air. We had a fox and some ducks here earlier which I enjoyed, doing some projects, etc. The birds have gotten quite noisy here as many have returned. I love it!

  9. Hi Andrea, what beautiful flowers and they do make one happy and bring a smile. Your hydrangea is gorgeous. I can't wait till mine bloom this year. They are growing big already. I hope you feel better soon and the springtime brings you happy days ahead. I think the weather has so much to do with our happiness. Sending you hugs and a prayer for a better week ahead. xoxo

  10. The flowers are beautiful. I'm hoping it warms up and stops raining over the weekend so I can plant some things in the garden.

  11. How wonderful to receive some beautiful blooms from your husband :) Love the white hydrangea and the painted mum is gorgeous! I don't like the dyed flowers that you see now because of their intense colours. Too bad the florists don't just stop with a tiny bit of colouring. I hope some warm breezes blow in your way soon. We've had dreary, rainy days and it's bringing us all a bit low I think. I need to get outside too! Enjoy your weekend.



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