Monday, October 21, 2013

A Sweet Treat

These chocolate cupcakes were a real hit this past Saturday evening after we finished decorating the house for Halloween.  My daughter, who has taken an interest in the kitchen, helped with the decorating.  I stayed patient as her small hands tried to put even pressure on the pastry bag and helped her figure out how to fill in the spaces.  She listened carefully, tried her best and did an awesome job.  I definitely see cake decorating in her future!
Those little ghosties are a Wilton treat, but they could easily be homemade with a bit of fondant and a candy corn.  I was just too lazy and decided to pay the $4 for the dozen.  The colorful leaf quins are crunchy little delights, or at least they were until they sat overnight under glass.  The display was lovely and kept my nosey cats away from our dessert, but the humidity ruined them making the leaves soggy.  I have to say the texture was much more appetizing when those candies were crunchy.  And it wasn't just the texture that was lost, the colors bled and ruined the contrast of the brightly colored leaves against the bright white icing.  Just something to keep in mind if you're ever planning on making a treat similar to this in advance.
Nonetheless, they disappeared quickly leaving room for a new creation.  I think some bat and ghost cookies are in our near future.

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