Thursday, October 3, 2013

Pumpkins Everywhere!

Most people that know me understand that I love the Fall and the pumpkins that I grow.  Most people also know not to ask me for pumpkins.  That doesn't mean that I refuse to share.  But to assume that because I have a lot of them, and therefore it should be easy to give several away would be the wrong assumption.  The people that I have shared with, very much deserve to be given a small part of my pumpkin family.  To those of you I haven't shared with, either you haven't visited and therefore haven't been offered.  Or if you have visited and left empty handed, well, tough break.
I am very much attached to each and every pumpkin I've grown.  This year, the number grew from last year's 100 to more than double at over 225.  It was still only half of what I was hoping to grow.  There are plenty of bare places in the yard begging to be adorned with a group of pumpkins for the Fall season.
The tire swing path complete with an antique lantern and that little red wagon was the one my baby sister used to deliver papers with.

I bought the 'Welcome' sign a couple of years ago and didn't know what to do with it.  I came up with this idea, collected the parts and enlisted my husband's help in putting it together.  I painted it up, and voila!  The wooden bird was put together from some scrap wood laying around the shop.

The view from our upper deck, down our driveway to the road.  This was the perfect place to set all the sugar pumpkins to cure.  They did so quickly and I only lost 2 to rot.

Another view from our upper deck looking over into the east side of the yard where we have our fire pit in a nice little sheltered area.

 A nicely weathered bench that I picked up at a garage sale years ago serves as the perfect place to display a few specimens.  The big one is a 'Giant Max'.  The deeply ribbed green one is called a 'Blue Doll'.  And the others are sugar pumpkins.
A lot of the pumpkins in these photos are very green, and have since transformed to their destined deep orange color.  And since it has turned cold and covering them all has become very tedious, I have moved many indoors.  I will have to do an indoor photo shoot soon.  And yet another when they all take their places for the Halloween display.  I really hope we have mild weather for that day with no snow on the ground.  I'll keep my fingers crossed until then...

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