Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween Overload

I've really enjoyed decorating for Halloween this year.  Plenty of pumpkins again, no snow, and a fantastic new marker to work with.  What more could you ask for?  Now for picture overload.  Enjoy, and have an awesome Halloween!
An adorable cluster of Halloweenery.
Did this last year.  Loved it.  Did it again.  A witch needs her apothecary.
Thank-you to my baby sister for growing 2 of the most adorable little gourds.  And then giving them to me!  Cuz she loves me.
Pumpkin carving in the shop = much easier clean-up.  Yeah!
A dry run of my Daughter's wolf costume.  Not bad for my first time.
That marker went a long way...
Favorite pumpkin face.  Ever.
3 dimensional cookies?  Why not?
New this year is the bat weathervane.  Love it.
Nothing says Halloween like dead flowers?
Ha Ha wind!  In your face.  No candles to blow out this year!
And here we are all lit up at night.  Maybe not quite as charming as individually lit jacks, but wants to spend the entire evening relighting candles?

The stairs.  Don't you just love rats?

Due to the forecast for too much wind on Halloween, I decided not to fight, (as much) with trying to keep candles lit.  I ran around the house, grabbing every pumpkin I could find, and scribbled away.
More scribbling...
And more....

I whipped this little guy up out of 2 by 4's, latex paint and a twig!


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  1. Love your Halloween decor! Such cute stuff! The rats really are cute, but I HATE rats and mice!


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