Thursday, July 15, 2010

Those Colourful Fuzzy Things

These colourful flowers are the highlight of my yard this year. Celosia are everywhere. Thanks to a close friend ordering way too many plants for her little greenhouse, my tiny greenhouse got to catch the overflow of well over 200 little seedlings. They transplanted like a dream without any hindrance to their growth at all, and they had no trouble hardening off. They are in my front built-in planter, in my front flower bed, in nearly 50 planters, and there are even some left in the greenhouse. Surprisingly the ones that have been left in the greenhouse are not doing nearly as well as the ones that have been transplanted outdoors. Quite a lot of people don't know what these little beauties are and find them quite fascinating. They grow in a variety of vibrant colours, including, red, pink, yellow, orange and my favourite, fuschia. You might think that the flowers would be prickly, but they are quite soft, and when wet, almost silky. By accident, these little annuals have brought a lot joy to my garden, and well now be purposely sown in future Springs.


  1. I love these! And I've noticed them around a lot more this year - growing beautifully! We have a few little ones around the yard that will hopefully grow more abundant over the years.

  2. My favorite is orange. I bet your yard looks fantastic in these colours ! Very striking.

  3. I love the bright colours of celosia. They are always so happy!


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