Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Simply Elegant

Here is a new bracelet that has become one of my favourite pieces. Non-tarnish silver jump rings with a black freshwater pearl set over top of the joint on each link created a flawless and elegant design that I'm sure to create variations of.
I had a difficult time photographing this item. After trying several different props, I tried a teacup. I had seen earrings dangling from a teacup and thought the result was quite charming. Not only did the cup allow the bracelet to drape nicely it also helped add a bit of texture and depth to the photo. In short, it made it more interesting, a goal we all share when trying to photograph our items for our shops on Etsy.
Half the fun in browsing Etsy is seeing all the creative ways people photograph their goods. The best images not only show off the item for sale, but they also create a mood. When we are shopping for items for our homes or for ourselves we are drawn to whatever best suits our mood at the time. Or, if you are like me, you are shopping for something to help alleviate your current mood. Colourful and bright, soft and calm, cool and elegant, are some of my favourite photos to look at and create treasuries with.
When photographing my jewelry, I ask myself what feeling the piece gives me and then try to emulate that feeling in the photo. My photography is a work in progress, a challenge that I'm enjoying.


  1. I really love the style of this bracelet - very unique! And your final decision about the photo is perfect for showcasing it.

  2. I'd say you hit "cool and elegant" with this one. Nice photo, Andrea.


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