Saturday, March 7, 2020

What Not to Do

That mess you see on my kitchen floor is the wonderful DIY project I had so proudly completed about an hour before I had to get the broom out. It was a dry erase calendar. I had picked up an inexpensive frame, (yes it had to be glass) designed a calendar in Photoshop, then put self adhesive magnetic stripping on the back. Yeah, it wasn't adhesive enough. So while I was having my dinner feeling quite pleased with myself, when it came crashing to the floor I nearly choked on my food . 
My husband was able to glue the frame back together, but the cost of replacement glass was nearly the cost in the first place, so I just went and got another frame and some strong, double-sided tape. I did reuse the old frame sans glass and it looks just lovely, so I now have two finished projects to be proud of.
The much needed calendar is currently on my fridge, but it won't always be and is actually part of a larger project that I will share with you at a later date.


  1. Oh no ................I hate having to clean up glass. Always afraid I'll miss a bit.

    BOTH projects look lovely.

  2. After all that work and then the mess! But look what you did making it all perfect again. Have a great week.

  3. I'm sorry that the glass broke...but what a great beauty came out of it!


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