Monday, May 9, 2016

The First of the Flowers

I had a lovely weekend spent with family.  We had a BBQ on Friday to celebrate my Mother-in-law's 72nd birthday.  I put together a cute, little cake that fit the season so well.  Although she figured out that our get together was in honor of her special day, we managed to surprise her with the company of her two daughters.  Mom was so surprised, she had quite the giggle and we enjoyed a long evening of chit-chat. 


Then we were invited to her home on Sunday for a turkey dinner.  Now, this is all very unusual and a very big deal in this farming family.  Not once, since I've lived here in the past 5 years have we been able to get together on these 2 days.  The men have always been in the field putting in the crops. All of us are happy when the seeding begins, and even happier when it's done, so celebrations are put on hold, and then forgotten.

While there, I sneaked out to her garden for awhile to take a few photos. I haven't started any early bulbs in my gardens yet. But my Mother-in-law's well established beds are bursting with blooms.

Who doesn't love a cute little daffodil?  Mom gave me a generous bouquet for Mother's Day in a pretty blue canning jar.
I've planted these in my bed, and have yet to see them bloom, but they are all over the place in Mom's garden.

I just love how much variety the tulip family has to offer.  There were only a couple blooming on Sunday, but I'll
have to revisit soon to  enjoy all of the others that were just budding on Sunday.
This is my favourite. It is so delicate in it's coloring.  Isn't she lovely?


  1. The flower photos ARE lovely.

    It is so great that you could all get together! Hope you have a good growing season this year.

  2. Stunning images...just stunning.

  3. Your Mother's Day celebration sounded absolutely wonderful! And that cake...oh my! It's stunning! I am sure it was very sweet and tasty :)

    Have a lovely week. Hugs!

  4. Hello, happy belated birthday to your MIL! The cake looks so pretty, delicious too. Love the variety of beautiful flowers. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day and week ahead!

  5. I'm far too sure that you enjoyed your Mother's Day, dearest Andrea - your cake was stunning ! - and how wonderful the flowers you've caught in your shots ... the last tulip has truly charmed me !

    May the remainder of your week be blessed with joy,
    sending my dearest love to you

    xox ~ Dany

  6. Happy Birthday to your MIL! The flowers are beautiful in her garden and on the lovely cake!

  7. IT sounds like a perfect weekend, the cake is gorgeous.

  8. What a beautiful cake! It looks like it was a lovely day. :)

    Dani xoxo
    a vapor in the wind

  9. What a gorgeous cake. I love the colour and the design. Your mother-in-laws flowers are beautiful. So glad you were able to enjoy such a special time together.

  10. What a gorgeous cake! Fun to see all the delicate flowers blooming, also.


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