Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Sweater Treasures

As so many of us are in the Spring, I have been keeping very busy around my yard.  Clean-up, planting and building new gardens have been central to my life as of late.  It has been a lot of fun getting outside again.  The only thing putting a little damper on my spirits this year is the army worms.  They are wreaking havoc all over the country side and have recently invaded my yard.  They are everywhere!!!  There is nothing to do but allow nature to run its course, so my frustration with the repulsive little critters is getting me nowhere.

Today was rainy, and windy and cold.  I took a much needed break and did a little project I've been looking forward to for awhile.  Our very dear Uncle passed away this past January and I asked if I could have one of his old worn out sweaters.  My goal was to create a critter for each of my children, but there was so much fabric, I made 2 pumpkins as well.  These four things only used up the sleeves (Uncle wasn't a small man), and so I still have a lot of fabric to do something with.  I'm thinking a throw pillow could be in order.

Please forgive the quality of these photos. as I snapped them quickly with my phone.  I'll also throw in a few other photos just to catch up a little with the soon to be over Spring.

Here are the two goofy and adorable kitties I made as keepsakes for my children.  They loved them!
The big pumpkin is for my husband and the wee one is for me.  The color of the sweater lends itself beautifully
to fall decor.

A couple of ducks making themselves at home in our front yard.  I do hope they will have babies.

As a child, I called these maple seeds "keys" or "helicopters".  I never noticed how pretty they are
when they are young.

These are Saskatoon berry blooms, but I'm afraid we won't be harvesting very many
this year, as the army worms destroyed most of them.

And my napping kitty.  Oh, to be that laid back...


  1. Oh, how happy I am to read a post of yours, my adorable Andrea, I've been missing you !
    I so love your goofy kitties and your pumpkins, you're truly talented, sweet friend !

    But your kitty, well, she expresses all the serenity surrounding her :)

    Hope you're having a lovely week I'm sending my dearest love to you, thinking of you with so much sweetness

    xox - Dany

  2. Hello Andrea, it is nice you were able to use your uncle's sweater for your cute projects. Your kitties are adorable. Happy June! Enjoy your day!

  3. Hi Andrea, Love the sweater pumpkins in the dark color and even extra special that it was your uncle's sweater. The two kitties are adorable too and your real kitty is precious. Lovely flowers. Happy June!

  4. Such a beautiful kitty! What a precious idea to use the sweater to make keepsakes. Love the kitties and the pumpkins are great. I love Autumn.
    Those ducks in your yard are gorgeous. Here in Georgia, we have Japanese Beetles destroying many plants.

  5. What a wonderful use of Uncle's sweater! The critters and pumpkins are adorable!

    Yes .....if we could all sleep like kitties we would be SO happy!

  6. Such a sweet remembrance of Your Uncle.Enjoyed visiting You this Morning-Denise


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