Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Happy 40th To Me!

After spending a lovely day with my family to celebrate my 40th, we drove into the city in the evening to catch our flight to Palm Springs the next morning.  Towards the end of our short 2 hour drive, we were greeted by a lovely sunset.  This was just a quick snapshot off of my phone, but it didn’t do too terrible a job.

The next one is from aboard our flight of course.  I haven’t flown in years, so naturally I needed the pretty cloud shot.  For those of you that fly a lot, I’m sure this bores you to tears, but it’s a new scene for me, or as good as.  And really, what else are you going to do during a 3 hour flight? 

What do you like to do to pass the time?  I’m not great at sitting.  I find it very uncomfortable.  I prefer to stand or lie down.  That aside, I broke up the flight with a bit of journaling, reading, taking and editing a few shots with my phone, and writing up this blip for my blog. Of course, I also had my travelling companion to chat with, and the sweetest baby was in front of us, reaching through the seat and wanting to play with our hands.  So the time passed quite quickly. 


    How fab to fly to Palm Springs! I'm not good on long flights but basically do the same kind of things as you to pass the time!
    Great photos of the skies!

  2. Happy Birthday. Hugs B

  3. Happy 40th Birthday Andrea!!! I hope you had a great day and everyone spoiled you rotten. The pictures are beautiful. Enjoy Palm Springs!!

  4. Happy birthday. Sounds like you are having a special time.

  5. My Wonderful lady, Happy Belated Birthday to you !
    May love walk always side by side with you, gifting you so many little things for which to be glad, enjoy the remainder of your Day, sweetie
    sending so much love to you ...

    ... I'm so overjoyed to have such a marvellous friend, my precious Andrea, please, never change, your good sentiments make you so unique !
    Thinking of you with boundless joy and gratitude !


  6. Happy, happy birthday! That sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate.

    When I fly my eyes used to be glued out the window. I love trying to figure out WHERE I am along the trip. But really, the only things I've recognized from the air are Texas Motor Speedway and the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. LOL

    We usually fly early, early, early in the morning. So I put in the earbuds and fall asleep to my music.

  7. Hello, happy birthday to you! The sunrise and the sky shots are beautiful. Enjoy your trip! Have a happy day!

  8. Happy Birthday!!!!! Welcome to a wonderful new decade of really great things to come!!!! xx

  9. Happy Birthday! I know I'm late but it sounds like you are still having fun! Keep celebrating! Hugs, Diane

  10. Thank you for your sweet comment on Kaboodle this a.m. We are sending you and your sweet cats purrs and hugs. Also, belated birthday wishes. My niece turns 40 in May.


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