Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Easter in the Details

A little freshening up, a bunny here and there, my little birds placed front and center and besides the goodies, that pretty much sums up how I decorate for Easter.  Subtly.  I would like to add a bit here and there as I find the time to get crafty and make a few things.  But here it is for now - 

I love the look of this carved bunny.  He fits in all year round, but has a place now where he'll get noticed.

Those are all real eggs.  I'm sure that wee bird is wondering who produced that giant one.  Actually,
it is a dwarf chicken egg.  The wee blue ones?  I'm not too sure, but I accidentally knocked down
a little nest last year while mowing, and the mama never came back.  Temperamental little things. 

This is a vintage creamer from the Bunnykins collection.  I look for more pieces to add, but I never find any.  This one
was a gift to my children from their Great Aunt.  She asked me to put it out every year for them.  Aren't they
a lovely little family?

This quaint fellow used to have a friend, but my kitties apparently didn't like
him, so he ended up in little terracotta pieces all over my floor.  I actually
had no idea they were terracotta until that one met its demise.

An overall look at my dining room. I just love the embroidered blooms on the
linen square and it comes out as soon as anyone mentions Spring. It doesn't
matter that the someone who mentioned it is 1000  miles south of me, it
is Spring somewhere.


  1. Your spring decor is lovely. The carved bunny is beautiful. And...........Bunnykins. Who doesn't LOVE Bunnykins. Stephen has some Bunnykins books when he was little. Such sweet little characters.

    Answering you FB question: No, Giroux doesn't seem to bother the orchids. He did "play" with my bat plant flower and pretty much destroy that. But, that was when he first moved in and still had a lot of kitten antics. A few stern NOs and he learned to not bother the plants.

    On the other hand ......I could say NO until I was blue in the face and he would STILL steal scissors! He has this THING for my embroidery scissors. LOL

  2. You have some interesting pieces-the carved bunny and the terracotta one are a refreshing change from the usual twee decorations.

  3. Your bunnies and other decorations are lovely! I really like the carved one too. Your birds nest is a precious treasure and a great reminder of springtime things! xx

  4. Just lovely! So sweet to see the wee blue eggs in the nest under the cloche!
    Happy Spring!

  5. It looks like the perfect amount of decorating.
    Hugs and Happy Easter,

  6. What lovely Easter decorations, my sweetest Andrea !

    Sending blessings on your Easter celebrations, sweetie, I wholeheartedly wish you much Joy and Peace,
    with sincere gratitude


  7. so lovely, such a beautiful decoration.
    An interesting blog, I will follow.


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