Saturday, March 28, 2015

Coffee Creamer?

While browsing through my Flipboard in the photography section a few days ago, I came across these incredible photos.  It is what inspired them that surprised me.  Powdered coffee creamer.  Yes, these photos are part of an ad campaign for common powdered coffee creamer.  While they didn't give me the urge to run out and buy some, they did instill a sense of calm and that made me want to sit down with a cuppa and share them here with you.  The article on this little project is here, and the talented photographer, Jeffery Vanhoutte has a website definitely worth browsing through here.


  1. Wow those are amazing photos! Would be fun to play in! :D

  2. Andrea-- don't you wonder how someone could even think to create these photos based on something as simple as coffee creamer?? The photos are amazing-- but I admit that I'm also intrigued as to how someone even thought of this!


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