Monday, February 9, 2015

A Subtle Change in Perspective

I'm very used to walking around the rectangular shape of our 10 acre parcel and frankly am getting quite bored with it.  So I decided to venture outside our fence line into the neighbors field and down into our creek bed.  It wasn't far, but it sure made a difference in how I felt about going for a walk.  I would never attempt this without my trusty snowshoes.

The spruce trees that divide my neighbor's field, (which I'm standing in) from my yard.
Looking west, away from my yard.  I could go a long way if my legs were up for it.

Looking down into the creek bed, where I'm headed.

Most of those willows are dead because the water table has been too high for too long. 
And some of them are just old.

In the creek.  My kiddos call this place the 'magical land' because of how it looks when the
 creek dries up in the summer.  It is a really neat experience.  The ground is very spongy,
 like walking on an extremely thick carpet.

Some color!  Finally a wee bit of color.  It has been a very grey day.


  1. Love the pictures of your walk. And the red berries add just the right pop of color.

  2. Your walk was beautiful. Love the post about the new collar.

  3. lovely photos-thank you so much for sharing

  4. Beautiful photos... but your out in the cold? Brrrrrrrr.... I'm wearing a sweater and it is in the 70's lol how do you do it? lol

  5. looks beautiful with all the snow but am sure you are tired of it by now. We have had nothing but gray cold fogged in days here but the sun is out and the birds are making new nests woo hooo spring is here


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