Sunday, February 2, 2014

Watercolor Dreams

There are so many talented artists out there, and with the internet at our fingertips we can browse old and new art images any time we feel like it.  Of course, there is nothing like seeing an original piece in person, there is so much more 'life' in that experience.  I have purchased pieces online, and when I receive them, they are so much better than I originally thought.  But even though it can not portray the colors perfectly or give a good idea of the texture and depth a piece has, the internet, with all its variety is so much better than having nothing at all new to look at. 
This morning, I was browsing Etsy's many artists for watercolors, and I came across a few that left me wishing I had their talent.  I can only imagine how they must feel when they step back from their work and realize that they just gave birth to this wonderful piece of art.

My Soul Fly does many beautiful portraits of women, but it was her cityscapes that drew me in.

I love the choice of colors in this one and the way you get the sense of movement from the people on the bridge.
I also really like the bold shadowing contrast with very bright sky.
This piece makes me feel like packing my bags.

Love the stand-out red in an otherwise beautiful but grey and rather dreary background.

The next two pieces are by Amber Alexander.  This artist has an amazing eye for detail.  I also love the space she leaves around her work.  I think it makes the detail stand out all the more.

The detail in this one astounds me.  The veins in the petals and the 'fuzz' on the stem are wonderful!
Again, just look at the detail!  The eye makes me feel as though I'm looking at a photo.  Perfect!

Lastly is an artist I've been following on Facebook for several years, and she never fails to impress me.  Brazen Design Studio puts out beautiful piece after beautiful piece.  I've yet to own some of her stunning work and if I ever do decide to treat myself to something from her studio, I know I won't be disappointed.

I love the sense of mystery this one conjures.

I just love the contrast in this one, and I find myself wanting to make a wish.


  1. So much talent and so many beautiful pieces of art work. Aren't people amazing.

  2. Hi Andrea! I went back and viewed your previous posts so I could catch up with you! Your dog is beautiful and looks so sweet. I didn't realize how brutal your area of Canada was and I hope you can find some better weather soon. We were blessed with temps in the 40's yesterday, but the cold and snow are back..dang it! I see you joined "grow your blog" this year. I hope many come and see what a great blog you have! I was able to meet Vicki in December to get our pink scarves and she's a really neat gal and so darn nice too! I love these watercolors. I always have wished I had the talent to do this. I've never tried so maybe I should give it a go! My faves were the girl with the red dress and the moon and crow. Have a good week coming up. The days are getting longer and my hope for Spring is getting stronger!

  3. Hello Andrea! The art you have selected is lovely!!
    Awesome owl!!

  4. I'm with you, some people are so talented like these examples. I am often amazed at what talented people there are . Sadly I don't have any such talents so not going to get wealthy with my art!!!!

  5. So beautiful!Esp loved the picture of the owl! Magnificent!

  6. I LOVE watercolors...these are exceptional - will be clicking on the etsy links next! Happy Tuesday, Andrea - off to look around here more, playing catch-up Tuesday! Tanya

  7. Amber Alexander is a favorite watercolor artist of mine too for the same reasons. Thank you for all of your visits to my blog. I have you in my blog feed now but sorry if I do not comment often. I usually view blogs on my iphone and the spell check is just too hard for me to see. xxo

  8. Oh my gosh, those are all so beautiful!... how I would love to be able to paint like that... the flower and the owl are my favorites... xoxo Julie Marie

  9. Hi and thanks for stopping by my Blog. I would never looked on line for art, what a great idea. Lovely images.

  10. Andrea- these are all so pretty-- I love watercolor paintings. My favorite here is the cityscape with the red dress girl:)

    I have no talent for art:(



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