Monday, August 26, 2013

Migration Time

I'm not at all knowledgeable when it comes to birds.  I have bought books to help me recognize who's who, but find it far too tedious to scan through all the pages and find a likeness.  And really, from this distance, it is very difficult to see any details.  But none of that matters, because as a flock, any kind of bird is impressive.  I was lucky enough to be standing by my window with the camera this morning when this group decided to abandon my front yard for a few dead trees we have at the back.

They were all just pecking away on the front lawn, when suddenly something startled them and they 'flocked off'' to the
 backyard to settle in a few dead trees.  We plan to take these trees down this fall, which is good, because I'm running out
of firewood, and Autumn is the best time to sit around a fire. 

Sorry about the reflection, but this flock was way too skittish to put up with me outside among them. 

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