Friday, October 7, 2011

My Autumn Montage

Here is a scattering of things going on in my house right now. 
Any pumpkins that were ripe, (and a few that were not) have found their way to various locations inside the house.  They are in piles on the floor near cabinets and the front door.  They are lining the staircase and the half wall, and a few have found their way onto pedestals and window sills.  Yay, I actually have deep window sills in my new house!  There are still about 80 greenish turning orangish ones on pallets in the garage.
There are several clusters of grapevine pumpkins, (not all shown) and there are the ones I have crocheted while watching many a movie.  There are also metal pumpkins and mini pumpkins on vines (putka pods), and pumpkins in paintings on the wall, (also not shown).
The wooden signs that say 'Trick or Treat' and "Happy Halloween' along with the countdown to Halloween blocks, I created this past week.
There is an antique, glass jug which my sister gave me last week, and it contains jelly eyeballs.
There are ravens galore!  No, I do not just keep moving around the same one so that I have one in a bunch of photos.  There are 3 large ones and a dozen or so smaller ones scattered here and there.  I even have a gorgeous metal statue of one up on my buffet.  I think I'll have to do another montage. 
There are fall leaves, some real (preserved with glycerin) and some fake.  They add colour wherever a dose is needed.
I have also done up the front porch.  I'll save that one for the week-end's entry. 
Happy Fall Everyone!

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  1. That is a lot of pumpkins! We have six or seven that grew in the compost pile by accident. I guess I need to go out and pick them before anyone starts chewing on them.


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