Sunday, October 9, 2011

Meet The Newest Family Member

On September 1st, while doing some yard clean-up, we came across a Mama kitty and here litter of 3.  We promptly set up a proper shelter for them and brought Mama some food and water.  By the next morning she had moved herself and the week or so old kittens to a place we couldn't find.
We just kept taking food out, and it kept disappearing.  Curious as to who I was feeding, I put the food on the deck, and sure enough, Mama showed up.  Twice a day, everyday, she enjoys her meals on the deck under the picture window in my dining room.  But, we can not get close to her.  She will sit about 5 feet away, and if you take one step nearer, she bolts.  Hopefully, in time, this will change.
After about a month, I really started looking for the place she was hiding her litter.  For feral cats, 6 to 7 weeks is not too early to intervene.  But I had no luck. 
Then, yesterday morning, while blogging actually, I heard a terrible cry from outside.  I quickly threw on a coat and started searching.  It was coming from under the deck.  It took me awhile, but after a bit of tag playing, she settled down under a board right beneath the front door and refused to move.  I got a drill, removed that board and plucked the kitten out before she new what was going on.  She instantly clung to me, and stayed close for several hours. 
We recognized her from that litter of 3 right away.  She is a very unique colour mixture of black and orange.  Whether the other 2 are still alive, I don't know.  But, Mama is still coming for her meals, and hopefully one day we will be able to befriend her also. 
We haven't settled on a name yet, but 'Tiger Tiger' and 'TT' has been tossed around.  She is bonding and settling in very nicely.  She has even received her first bath from my 18 year old male, Junior, and has used the litter box on her own.  We've already visited the vet and will again in a couple of weeks for her first set of shots. 
Everyone is so glad to have another kitty in the house, especially after recently having to say goodbye to our sweet Sarah, who we loved for 14 years.  Life can only be described as bittersweet.


  1. What a beautiful little kitten face! I'm so glad she has found the right home!

  2. Ooooh such a cute little kitty - you are both lucky to have found each other xx

  3. Ahhhhh God bless you for taking in that baby kitty and for feeding her momma. I have two feral cats :-) You win them over with hot dogs, turkey and tuna. Just toss the meat to the cat... then toss but not so far making the cat come closer and closer to you. Then set down a plate of food and talk to the cat while it eats. Soon the cat will come to trust you... takes for.ever... but it is well worth it!!! Don't forget to spay and neuter!!! :-)
    *big hug*

  4. Oh my she is a sweetie... I would be scared to take in a little wildling probably because I was attacked once long ago... but i have to say, this one is pretty much irresistible isn't she?... good for you for being brave and compassionate!

  5. This little softie hardly requires me to be brave, but I am so sorry to hear you were attacked Michele...
    Cheryl, that's why we rescued her, so that we could spay her and save a bunch of kittens from the wild. Unfortunately, Mama looks like she's pregnant again, and I don't think I'm that close to making friends her. Thanks for the advice though...I bought a bunch of hotdogs, and I'm cooking up a ham!

  6. Oh, she's so darn cute!!! Love her coloring, and who could resist those eyes? Enjoy her!!


  7. aaww, he's just so cute. I hope the other two are okay where ever they are. I'm sure glad you are taking care of this little one. I'm sure that with time, the mommy will start to trust you too.

  8. ADORABLE!!!!!!!

    Ah, my cuteness receptors just went into overload.

    At least you're able to give Mamacat some food, even if you can't befriend her.

  9. I saw you post and came looking for her. She is a real cutie, Andrea. So happy she found her way to your deck :)


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