Thursday, March 24, 2011

I Love Drama...

Here is a collection I put together for a team I support on Etsy. A lovely collection that got more attention than most of my other ones. Although I am quite happy with the number of views and comments, I thought I should elaborate on just the type of drama I'm talking about.
I have a true distaste for the drama that so many people unconciously create in their lives. That is, that soap opera type stuff. Not that I'm an innocent in this category, far from it. I've done my fair share of wave making for no apparent reason.
Having now spent quite a few years on working it out of my system, I have been leading quite a calm, some would say dull life.
Not to say that I don't have a long way to go, but I have managed to transform a portion of the energy that I used to spend upsetting myself, and so many others around me, into creativity.
You'll still find plenty of drama surrounding me in the form of art, paintings, music, pottery, jewelry, really just about anything. Even the people I tend to surround myself with have a predominant creative side, and are quite passionate (a form of drama) about their work and hobbies.
Etsy is a fabulous community for that. There are so many wonderfully talented people using this outlet, not just to sell their work, but to find support with like minded people, and therefore keep the inspiration that is behind creation a constant flow.


  1. Beautiful treasury Andrea.. have yet to figure out how to make one of
    I hear you on the drama.. so much around.. and I've been working hard too trying to turn it into something more postive as well... not always easy.. and doesn't always show...
    Have a loverly weekend..

  2. Lovely treasury, Andrea. It's too bad more people don't channel their drama into something as beautiful.

  3. Andrea - this is a beautiful treasury - I want to learn how to make these! This one is absolutely gorgeous - picture perfect!


  4. Good morning Andrea, I hear you about the Drama- I do live with a 13 and soon to be 16 year old and quite often see the natural drama cycle of teens and think some adults never grow beyond. I too am working towards less drama and more creativity.
    Have a great Sunday!!


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