Monday, February 21, 2011

How Lucky Am I?

This absolutely fabulous piece of art was done by Ester Orloff of E Makes Art, and I was lucky enough to win it.
During the One World One Heart blogging event, organized by Lisa Swifka, hundreds of bloggers chose something, usually their own creations, to giveaway. Then all we had to do was spend a bit of time blog hopping around the world, leaving comments for all the wonderful bloggers and artists out there. At the end, we just chose a random number out of our hundreds of comments, and Voila!, a winner!
Anyway, more about Esther - she is a stay at home Mom, and a talented artist who loves mixed media, photography, and even making the occasional piece of jewelry. All of her work is beautiful, and if I had to chose one word to describe her pieces, it would be 'calming'.
Here are some samples of her jewelry. Truly unique and wonderful pieces. Click here to see one of my other favourite pieces, besides the one I won, of course.
Take a bit of time, maybe with some tea, and pay Esther a visit. For me, it felt like a little vacation, and as with all good vacations, there is inspiration in the end.


  1. Oh my goodness! Andrea, you are such a sweetheart!! This almost made me cry! Thank you. I am even more happy that someone as wonderful and deserving as you won my art. wow. Thank you again!


  2. Hey Andrea, thank you so much for entering my giveaway and offering to spread the link around for me, it's much appreciated! I'm off to have a look at your ETsy shop now :)

  3. ooh Andrea.. it's gorgeous.. you are so lucky.. off to take a look at Esther's art..

  4. Hi Andrea.. I got my very first blog award today.. check this out...

  5. WTG that is gorgeous, Emakesart is a gifted artist for sure!!
    Keep smiling and creating, your jewelry is so pretty

  6. Congratulations on winning that fantastic prize! I do remember that from going around the blogs it looks truly sensational!

  7. Hi Andrea! Congratulations on your win! Your jewellery is also very beautiful.

  8. Congrts. Well. Well done. Well done by. Glad like seeing a hidden treasure. Hope doing much more. Thanking You with Best Wishes.

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