Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I Say 'Because'...A Lot.

I always said that I wouldn't be the parent who answered 'because' to my children's questions. But sometimes, there really is not a better answer. There are just certain things I do not want to explain yet. Like this recent question that truly caught me off guard, "Mommy, why do boys and girls have to be together to make a baby?". My answer, "Because, they just do." She's 8 years old, does she really need that answered honestly yet?
My son often resorts to this word to answer my many questions for him. "Sweetie, why do you need to take apart your sandwiches before eating them?" My son calmly replies, "Because, I just do." There are many times I will dignify my children's questions with long, drawn out reasons that satisfy them. "Mommy, why do I have to clean up my room?" My answer, "Because, if you don't, Mommy can't clean the floors in your room, and then all sorts of little nasties will want to move in. You wouldn't want that, would you?" But after the hundredth time of answering the same question, with many creative answers, I sometimes just can not help myself, and it ends up being a lazy, "Because I said so." No sooner is it out of my mouth, that I regret it. I hated being told that as a child. That answer always made me feel very unimportant. It wasn't intended to do that, but it took me 30 years to figure out that sometimes, the adults in my life, just got tired of answering my many questions. And, I had a lot of questions. I still do, but now I just 'Google' it, because I can.


  1. Pretty much every single day I realize something new about each of the things that my parents did that I hated as a child. You realize, when you become a parent that your parents were never trying to make you feel bad, just that sometimes there just isn't an answer, or enough patience in the world to deal with a specific situation again!!

    It's always nice to know that those moments when I know my kids are frustrated with me that one day they'll understand where I was coming from :)

  2. I have had those moments that I "swore" I would never have...but in the end the little people still love us! :) I always ask a TON of questions...I like to "know" people. I say "seriously" a LOT, so much so that my mother bought me a sign for my


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