Saturday, August 28, 2010

Better in a Sweater

Canada is getting ready for Fall. Whether we like it or not, (and I love it), we are at the end of our short summer. I will take a short summer any day, as long as you give me a nice, long Autumn.
What is so great about this time of year? Well, the list is long, so have a seat, (if you haven't already).
I doubt anyone can argue me that Nature's colours are at her grandest during this season. Not only do we still have flowers blooming, but the leaves against the much more crisp blue of the sky is breathtaking. Our lake has taken on a beautiful, hazy green hue. If you have a vegetable garden, there is nothing quite like filling a bowl with fresh carrots, red potatoes, green beans and my favourite, red-off-the-vine tomatoes.
OK, so what, the colours are amazing, well, how about those clothes? Beautiful, chunky knit scarves, hats, and sweaters are everywhere. I don't care what size you are, we all look better in a sweater. And I've never seen a gal that didn't look great in the right scarf. Even jewelry is more comfortable in the fall when it isn't sticking to your damp skin. Yes, Autumn is definitely the best time for accessorizing.
A hot shower feels good again, the air is better for you, the food is better for you, even the sun is better for you this time of year. And all of those great artists on Etsy are in the spirit of the season. Just look at the wonderful new items from Canadians in the collection above. Visit Etsy, and search 'ohcanadateam' to browse all these wonderful listings and more. Bring a coffee, it also tastes better this time of year.


  1. I am still trying hard not to think of Fall just yet. Lots left to do before frost.


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