Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Daughter the Entrepreneur

As I was working on the computer this morning, updating my jewelry shop on Etsy, my daughter, now 7, announced that she definitely needed her own shop. She said she new exactly what she wanted to make, and then begged me to create a shop for her. I was quite uncertain, at first, that this was a good idea. After doing a bit of light reading in the Etsy 'Do's and Don'ts' section, I was convinced that my daughter had a great plan. Running a shop under a parent's supervision could become a great learning experience. Little did I know that while I was teaching her about the cost of shipping and materials, she would be teaching me just how much she understands about people and their lives.
The first card she came out with said, 'Who put stickers on the wall?' . She then explained that this card would be for the person who knew a child that was forever getting into trouble, and this could be their way of showing them that they loved that matter what. I thought that was sweet, until I saw the next card she came up with. This one says, 'Love Hurts Sometimes', and has a picture of a rather lonely looking frog. I asked her who she thought this card would be for and she replied, "For the person who's lost someone they loved...", and then she added, "Of course....Mom". She then went back downstairs to the craft room to continue her work. Deeply moved by my daughter's sensitivity, I happily continued posting and sharing her wonderful creations. I cannot wait to see what else she comes up with, and am truly hoping she continues her interest in "The Crafty Gecko", aptly named for her love of reptiles and in particular her pet crested gecko, Chocolate.


  1. What a great way to show support for your daughter, Andrea. I love the shop, the little banner name is cute. I posted the Speedwell photo for you... hope you found it.

  2. I made my way here from Danielle's blog and I also think this is a great thing you have going with your daughter.


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