Friday, February 21, 2020

Now What?

I've scrapbooked nearly 500 photos in the past month or so, and have my desk all cleaned up and ready for the next project. I'm just not too sure what that will be yet. My next big job, that has nothing to do with crafting or my desk, is getting my daughter ready for her Grade 12 graduation this Spring. And then she plans on moving out and it's happening so fast (insert scream) and I wish I could just hit pause. I know I'm not alone in feeling this way. Life has a way of making us feel like we're stuck in a little dingy on some violent rapids with no way of getting to the shore. Was that overly dramatic? It was meant to be. Life is yikes and I'm currently what I believe will be the worst part of raising children. Correct if I'm wrong. That said, I have two healthy, happy wonderful children and I feel incredibly grateful for that.


  1. Hi Andrea - change is always happening ... so pleased your kids are happy and well - that bodes well for when they leave the nest ... and your horizons can be broadened a little ... take care and all the best with your next choices - your daughter comes first by the sound of it ... cheers Hilary

  2. First off-good for you in getting that scrapbook done. I would like to see pictures. Your daughter comes first and this is a momentous occasion because she is now becoming an adult and living her own life. Where do the years go? Just know that she will always need her mom and you will always be there.

    1. Thank you Birgit. I need to believe that right now. I'll post a few pics of the album's soon.

  3. That transition is SO hard. BUT, it is what we raised them to do --- be their own person and go their own way. BUT, why does it have to be so hard?

    I was a mostly stay-at-home mom. When Stephen went off to college not only did I feel the anguish of him moving 2 hrs. from home, BUT I felt like I got fired from the only REAL job I ever had.

    P.S. Your card arrived today. They BOTH are beautiful and I'm so glad to have them.

    P.S.S. New blog for me:

  4. Hello, I remember when my son moved out, he bought his own home when he was 21. I still worry about him, I can never stop being a mom. But, he is doing well and happily married. Enjoy your weekend..

  5. How fantastic to get all those photos out so you can enjoy them! Projects tend to announce themselves instead of us looking for them. I can understand you about that being the scariest part of parenthood. That said my oldest has decided to stay home for now. It's a big step...but when you have a good relationship... it's not good bye!


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