Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Day Three and Four - Liard Hot Springs - Watson Lake and Whitehorse

Day three of our journey was packed with lots of activities and driving. After driving 812 kilometers, we arrived in Whitehorse, but early in our day, we stopped first at Liard Hot Springs. The water is really warm, unbearable when you get too close to the source. It would be lovely, it weren't for the smell of sulphur, which stays on the skin for awhile. After a bit of a soak, there is a short walk up some stairs to the "Hanging Gardens" -  a unique, mossy waterfall oasis. We picnicked once we got back down before continuing onto Watson Lake, Yukon.

Watson Lake is best known for its "Signpost Forest." It has grown immensely since our last visit there in 2002. We enjoyed wandering around and stretching our legs for a good long while before we continued up to Whitehorse. Also, this time, we left our little legacy in the "forest."

We arrived in Whitehorse shortly after 8pm, but it is getting easier and easier to lose track of time the further north we go.  The days are considerable longer up there.  When we get up to Inuvik, the sun will barely set at all, and in Tuktoyaktuk, not at all.
Day four was spent in Whitehorse, we visited the Berengia Interpretive Center, hiked Miles Canyon, shopped of course, and just generally enjoyed the city.  The fox was right behind the Visitor Center where there is a nice, long boardwalk to take a stroll on.


  1. This looks so beautiful to visit. I want to make it to the Yukon, Nunavut and NWT before I die. I love that sign post forest...pretty cool.

  2. Hi Andrea - I'd love to visit the Berengia Centre ... but also see that area - looks so interesting ... the waterfall is great, as too the signpost forest - cheers Hilary


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