Monday, January 16, 2017


Can one have too many owls?  I'm beginning to think maybe it is possible to go overboard here.  I received two more this Christmas and I have to admit, I gave one as a gift, and no, it wasn't one from my stash.  It was as I tried to find places for the two new additions to the family that I realized I was running out of spaces to stick an owl.  I am already packing up several with the Christmas tree ornaments, but I think a few more may have to get packed up with the winter décor in February.  They certainly do suit my winter woodland décor for the holiday/winter season after all, and I really do enjoy them and do not want to tire of them. 
Here are a few photos I took from around the house.  I realize as I wrote this that I've missed many.  There is an owl vase, owl pitcher, owl picture, owl figurines in, as you'll see many various materials, a milk glass owl, and I even have a large wrought iron owl boot scraper outside on the deck. I just realized that I missed photographing 3 in my entrance alone - a large, meant for the garden statue, a life size wrought iron figure and a paper weight on my desk.  Oh boy. Do I put out the word that I mean to stop collecting them?  Or is my curiosity of what is coming next bigger than my desire to kick the habit?
From my little sister.

From my Dad.

From a garage sale.  They are brass.

From my Dad.

From myself.  I mean c'mon - look at that face!

From my other little sister.

Another one from my littlest sister.

From my daughter.

From my little sister.

Again, from myself. I think...

My favourite one, on a pedestal high, high up keeping an eye on things.


  1. Wow! Such a fun collection. I love them all. Over the years, I have "collected" a lot of butterfly decor items.

  2. My favorite is the one where you captioned "look at that face".

    I think you keep getting new ones and cull out the ones that are no longer favorites. OR, you could buy a bigger house!

    I adore owls. I only have two. One is a porcelain snow owl and one is a teeny Christmas ornament. I do have a watercolor painting of owls that is in storage until we move into a house. It is too large for our apartment walls.

  3. Wow! What a fantastic collection! I love those fluffy ones on the ladder shelf and your favourite is another super sweet guy!

  4. I have a friend who's collecting owls of every kind for years ... and you're just like her, I think they're all so very nice, thank you for sharing them with us, darling Andrea !

    Hope your week is off to a good start,
    I'm sending blessings of joy on your coming days

    XO Dany

  5. You have some wonderful owls! As long as you love them that is all that matters. Owls are very wise so I am sure they will tell you what is right!

  6. What an amazing owl collection, it would be difficult to downsize the collection if you decide to as they're all so beautiful and unique.


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